Africa, we are on our way!


A good friend of ours will marry. As he is South African, they are going to get married on a nice lodge in South Africa. What a nice choice :-) Of course we will not miss it and I already bought the next tickets.

Back in cold, dark Germany


Puh, what a great time we had. What a great country it is.

It started rather disappointing. Some backpacker told me about the empty beaches and remote mountains. Well, this is not what we found. Even in the mountains were plenty of tourists. But then we discovered the deserted northeast and we found, what we were looking for. Quietness, friendly locals and great food. Can you ask for more?

On the way to Sri Lanka


It’s been tree month already since I returned from Namibia. And I haven’t been abroad since then. This should, no, this needed to be changed.

Now we are sitting in a plane heading towards Sri Lanka. I am really curious what we are to discover there…

After the adventure is before the adventure


It didn’t take too long before my feed started itching again. Perfect timing to get my hands on more tickets. This time it’ll be Sri Lanka.

Back at work


After being a free man for such a long time I am back at work again. What a change. It even hurts a bit...

Back home again


Hard to believe, but the time in Namibia is already up and I arrived in Germany today. The time was flying very quickly. Namibia is just great and I would love to go back right away.

After being off for more than a year, I’ll start to work again on Monday. This will be hard. In case that I’ll survive it, I will post another travelogue.



After an unplanned stopover in Gaborone, Botswana, I arrived safely in Windhoek, Namibia's capital. The bike is assembled and tomorrow the great adventure can begin.

Tingling in my feet


True to the motto "After the tour is before the tour" it did not take long until the tingling in my feet reinstated. To remedy this, I quickly booked a ticket. Namibia. Of course with my bicycle. I'm more than just curious.

Back home again


Well, it happened fast and whoosh after many, many miles on the road we are back home in Cologne.

It looks like this could be the end of the tour. Starting from 1.8. Claudia may contribute something to the increase of the gross national product. I still have some reprieve...



We made it. After 5,400km km we finally are standing in Norway at the Nordkapp. Hmmm, this is not 100% correct. We are standing at Knivskjelodden, the "real" North Cape. But as you just can get there by an two hour cross country track, most people are going to Nordkapp. We appreciated it as this way we had the mostly northern point of Mainland Europe just for ourselves.

We just got back home...


... to almost instantly hit the road again.

We just was able to stand back home for one week before we took our minibus to be back on the road. After having some bad luck concerning the weather at the Mediterranean Sea... we are trying Scandinavia as it is well known for its top and reliable weather :-)

Back home after 3.200km


Six weeks and 3.200km later the three of us arrived with our bicycles safely in Cologne today. Wow, what a great tour. Only the weather tried to thwart our plans.

Now it is time to give our tired legs a break. It won't be a long breather. After the tour is before the tour ...

Photos of the Arabian Heat Tour


It was hot. Very hot. If the photos are not melted they can be found here.

Flight to Athens


I just booked a flight to Athens. With our bicycles. One way ticket...

Back from South East Asia


Wow, what a great time we had in Asia. All good things must come to an end and so we came back to Germany yesterday. But we already have new ideas...

GR 221-Ruta de Pedra en Sec


Indeed it took me a while. But finally I picked the first article “GR 221-Ruta de Pedra en Sec” and translated it. It is about a stunning track on the Northern coastline of Mallorca.

Photos of the Altiplano


Photos of the dizzy heights are live.

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