www.travelnerd.eu Why is the Travel Nerd almost addicted to travel? I really cannot say who or what actually kicked off my passion for travelling. However, at the age of 20 I was working as a supervisor at a summer camp in the U.S. for a couple of months and later helped earthquake victims in India. When I was in Thailand for a four-week vacation I got the strangest replies to my question "How long are you travelling already". Someone replied "I don’t know exactly - what month is it?" another: "Hmmmm, I guess three or four years but I lost track". That’s when I decided to do a round-the-world trip myself before I would turn 30.

To my great disappointment I didn't succeed! So I quit my job and apartment at the age of 30 years and a few days and went on a 1 ½ year trip to explore the world. I discovered new cultures, people, plants and animals, and also a new passion: photography. Since then I have "shot” just about anything in front of my lens. On top of that I drag my SLR everywhere regardless if it is the top of a 6,000 meter peak or through the deserts of this planet.
I still do not have a conclusive answer to the question as to why I love travelling so much. I don't feel like I am in a decade-long midlife crisis. So I conclude that I was born a curious person and will probably end up on a bike or with a backpack strapped to my worn out back.

www.travelnerd.eu But do you know what is best about it? I have a hell of a lot of time left to explore the world and to let you participate via this platform.

I hope you enjoy reading it and perhaps we will meet in real life on the streets of this world somewhere, sometime!

Travellingly Yours,
Travel Nerd
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