From 0 to 6.000m

From 0 to 6.000m I wanted to fly high, very high.

What matches better than cycling on the Altiplano in South America? However, the "season" was already over and the rainy season was imminent. So it could be wet from above and muddy from beneath. Not the best conditions for a tour with a bike and tent.

Whether I made it over the Altiplano and the Salar de Uyuni without getting my feet wet can be read here.

Las Vegas & Baja California

Las Vegas / Baja California "Desert! Let's go to the desert!".With this exclamation I tried to inspire my girl friend. Man, I was surprised when she agreed without hesitation. The target was found just as quickly: The Mojave and Sonoran desert by bike. A glance at the map and the wind atlas and the route was determined: Las Vegas (USA) to the southern tip of the Baja California (Mexico).

A perfect route from highway biking to the secluded sandy slopes; from freezing cold to sizzling hot, from US American fast food to Mexican cuisine. But unfortunately there are snakes and scorpions, too.

Who wants to cycle along and wants to know what had happened with rattle snakes & co please click here.

South Africa / Lesotho

South Africa / Lesotho It was that time again – I was allowed out on my own and so off I went to Southern Africa, bicycle and tent in tow.

It all started off well. But soon the wind - actually it was more of a storm - was blowing right into my face. Dark memories of Iceland came flooding back, literally, as the inevitable occurred and I renewed my acquaintance with huge rain tubes.

To find out what happened next, in the face of heat, wind and mountains, read on here.

Trans Alp

Trans Alp "Let's take the safe option and trek over the Alps"thought my girlfriend, not suspecting what would really happen. Weeks of suffering, rain, cold and painful knees were the result.

"I want to have a normal holiday for once!", she said. But it turned out to be a battle with enormous mountain ridges, blue lakes and icy slopes.

Want to know how the two of us fought our way from Munich to Venice in three weeks, armed with just our rucksacks and a tent? Then click here.

GR221: Dry Stone Route (Majorca)

GR221 The Travel Nerd in Majorca? That does not fit at all! Or does it?

It fits like a glove! Beside the infamous S’Arenal and package travel there is the dry stone route, named GR221. It has eight marvellous diverse stages through the mountains and along the northern coast.

Those looking for inspiration for their next Majorca holiday click here.


Iceland In the heat of Central America it became clear to me that the next vacation should be a physically challenging adventure that pushed man and material to its limits. And what better way to do that than go cycling in Iceland? It's a destination that's infamous among cyclists for its wind, rain, mud and rock debris.

There was only one problem... my girlfriend! Two things that should never meet are Iceland and the Woman in High Heels (and certainly not on a bike!) In order to save our relationship, I finally convinced her to let me go with a friend of mine.

Click here to read about our intrepid journey.


Mexico Viva Mexico, viva la vida!

Finally - sun, tequila, Mayas and crazy cliff divers!

We could jump off tall rocks too if we wanted to but we never succomb to the urge! Instead, we opted for a peaceful vacation with plenty of culture and lots of hanging- out at the beach during the day and in huts devoid of toilets or sinks at night... Well, we globetrotters have to walk the talk..., right?

Here's more about our trip to Mexico.


Kyrgyzstan "Honey, that doesn't look too good!" I shouted to the Woman in High Heels as she tried to cycle up a 3200 metre high mountain pass of at a rocket speed of 0.3 km per hour.

In a country with 7000-metre peaks and a gigantic mountain range, that's not a pace that gets you up a pass very quickly, as you can probably imagine.

Click here for an account of what we, or should I say what I, experienced with my cycling-loving girl friend.


Marokko Anyone who has read the book of the Woman in High Heels "A gorgeous Travelogue" knows the chapter in which we decided to make a whistle-stop trip to Morocco.

Morocco is beautiful but as always the Woman in High Heels found something to moan about dogs howling and desert camel rides.

What really happened out of her perspective, you can read here.

Dubai / China

Dubai / China What do you do with a woman who can hardly carry a backpack and always complains as soon as the route goes uphill? A cultural holiday!

So I dragged my girlfriend off to China, the land of the rising sun and a variety of attractions that's hard to beat We explored the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and the terracotta warriors as well as the delights of pickled frogs and sweet hamburgers.

Sound delectable? Read on here for more.

New York City Marathon

New York City Marathon Just like in the previous marathons, I promised myself that I would run the entire distance.

Second target: Walking is not an option. I rather abort the run as a marathon is about running and not walking!

But it should turned out quite differently...

If you want to run alongside please click here.
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