Trans Alp from the perspective of a woman in stilettos

I had planned with my Travelnerd, to have a whole new experience. To walk on my own feet over the Alps should balance and calibrate my inner centre again. That everything written up to this point is utter nonsense, know all who know me. But what comes next is much worse. Now comes the pure reality. As most people know my Travelnerd is crazy, but I must admit that I am obviously not quite normal either, because after all, I do the whole shit... with backpack, tent and Teva sandals as well.

Okay, I’ll come just once again to the heart of the matter: In 2010 I planned an easy and relaxed walk through the Alps for 3 weeks, to avoid having to be equipped with a headlight and machete to follow my beloved Travelnerd through some jungle somewhere on this planet.

Alp panorama
A perfect panorama for lunch

A clear advantage of an Alpine tour was:

1. No jungle
2. No other loopy Globetrotter (they are all in the jungle)
3. Save meals and sleeping accommodation in mountain huts
4. No communication barriers
5. At the end of the trip Prosecco and Venice allure
6. Weight loss of at least 5 kilos despite refuges, Prosecco and Venice

6 arguments for the Alps Tour - and all have been refuted!

Shoe disaster
Shoe disaster
And right at the beginning:

First and second day we had to swim through a monsoon. Starting in Bad Tolz we walked in the pouring rain to Brauneck and the hiking shoes were immediately fucked up.

Well, great!
Since I have also suffered a lot on this trip, as in every other holiday, I want to let you participate in it. I will walk with you step by step and every inch of the Alps Tour and will tell you what I have seen and felt!
Who expected that I am really to do this is either crazy or landed on the wrong website. This is not the self-help group for "Esoteric calibration in 4.689.953.433 steps"!

So now, let’s get started.

Perfect start (Riss)
Perfect start in Riss
In the very first days of our three week trek, we got rewarded with beautiful views of nature...
Ascent to the Schlauchkarsattel
...and terrible views on mankind! Oh no, just of a lonely Travelnerd, who slowly strolled up to the Schlauchkarsattel!

I did not know why he made a fuss ass; he was carrying only 16 kilos on this back after all, with the sun in his heart (elsewhere there was no sun).
I myself was carrying only 7 kilos, plus a couple of stilettos and a grin from ear to ear.

Walking a tightrope
Walking a tightrope
But they who is laughing has already done too much, so I was punished for my malice directly with a high-wire act.
Honestly I must admit, that the climbing action was not as bad as it looks.
Except that I had to repeat it again and again and again... and had to crawl through ice crevices and had to climb through rock chimneys. Well, you see, I can handle quite a lot... just not the bad weather... it makes the skin fragile and the woman snappy!

Beer refreshment
Unfortunately to cold for a beer refreshment
But our motto was always higher, further, faster, so I fought my way from Austria to Italy. And when I was not hanging on a rope, shooting a buck or nibbling on an old piece of bread, I enjoyed the beautiful views of mountains and beer...

bad weather
Bad weather
... or the prospect of crap weather.

I gotta tell you, walking through the Alps is not a walk in the park and not to be compared with sipping on a nice cold Prosecco. Sometimes the weather was so bad that we could barely see the road.
With such weather we simply stopped for a bite of cake and coffee until the rain stopped. Well, at least in my inner cinema. ;-)

The "Frenchies"
Apart from the beautiful natural experiences, we had the good fortune to find companions who shared the sorrow with us. Two crazy Belgians, we just called the "Frenchies", had risen up to conquer the mountains in foreign countries, whose languages (German) they do not speak and whose maps they could not read.
The lightweight luggage of 50 kilos on their back included a German dictionary and several books, 10 journals in German, a tent and stove that were never used, and a bottle of red wine. A perfect way to travel light.

The Prosecco Paradise

Woman in stilettos is completely in her element
The four of us shared the emotional roller coaster until we had slowly but surely left the Alps of South Tirol and came into my favourite area: The Prosecco country (better food, better weather, better mood and a glass of Prosecco for 0.90 Euros!!). I have never felt so much joy in my life (but maybe it was just because of all the lugging about).
Two full days I was allowed to recover, the third time to sleep in a real bed and have breakfast on a real table in the morning.
Step by step the hills got gradually flatter and in the distance we could see our goal: The Mediterranean Sea!

The grand finale

Venice: Canal Grande
After 3 weeks of drudgery, 4 kg less weight, icy nights at 3.000 meters altitude, yet gained a beautiful experience, it all ended in Venice.
Or... was that just the beginning?
Venice-A lagoon city
Venice-A Lagoon city

I am very much looking forward to your questions and comments in the guestbook.

The appropriate photo documentation of the torture is here.

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Trans alp

Trans Alp